Tanki Online Cheats

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Tanki online cheats

Tanki Online Cheats

One of the most wanted Tanki Online Cheats is Tanki crystal hack who can give users as much crystals they desire. Such working Tanki online cheat is not easy to find because most of them are private and used by only a handful players. Therefore if you look for working Tanki Online cheats you are on the right place.

Tanki Online Cheats for Crystal

Tanki online cheats tool

 Tanki Online Cheats tool cant be detected and you can use it freely without fear for your account.  After downloading and running of our Tanki Online Cheats tool, the first thing you will see is an interface for account log in.

Now that you have signed in, you have the option of choosing between 10,000 and 50,000 crystals. It is very important that when you add crystals to your account, select only one quantity.

Working Tanki online cheats tool


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What is Tanki Online?

Browser based massively multiplayer role playing games have become extremely popular among the internet users and millions of them have logged into many of these games. These games receive players from across the world that is able to chat and play with or against each other.

Tanki Online is one such browser based tank game that offers its players the opportunity of customizing their own tank, and wrecking havoc with them in the battlefields. This is a 3D game and the makers of it have based it on Adobe Flash technology.

The game started out in mid-2008 have so far notched up more than 26,000,000 registered players from almost all the corners of the earth. The lure of this game that falls in the third person shooter genre lies in the level of customization that the players enjoy while playing it.

This browser-based game is extremely easy to pick up even for the most novices of players, and full control from the keyboard allows precise control during the third person shooting experience. Players get the option of customizing their tanks with varied tracks, turrets, and paint options to make it more personalized and highly efficient during battles.

The upgrades are available as the players increase their experience and moves up the ranking system. Thus, Tanki Online can be the perfect browser based game for those who are fond of hi-tech tanks and battlefields.
The graphics for this game are not something out of this world but still impressive considering it a browser based game. Players can control the movement of their tank with the help of the W, A, S, D keys while they can move the turret with the Z and X keys. The fact that players need to press the Spacebar to fire is a bit of a downer because the left mouse button is more effective for this function.

The game has a lobby where the players can enter any of the ongoing matches that support up to eight players per match. The Tanki Online game play closely follows the laws of Physics, and this means that the tanks may overturn and fall from the bridge or get stuck in the deep pits.

Players can either play a Deathmatch, or form teams and play Team Deathmatch. In the Capture the Flag mode, the players gain points by capturing the flag. The points that the players earn by fighting the battles in Tanki Online enable them to advance their career and earn game currency, which is crucial for further upgrades of their tank.

The game offers a wide range of upgrades in the form of new coats, turrets, armor, and supplies that the players can acquire by spending crystals, which is the game currency. Players can earn crystals by fighting battles, buying them, or receiving them as gifts for inviting friends to play the game.

Players can interact with numerous other players from across the world to form clans and fight as a team. Thus, Tanki Online has emerged to be one of the most popular games in its genre.