SmallWorlds Cheats

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SmallWorlds Cheats

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SmallWorlds Cheats - SmallWorlds Gold Hack

 How SmallWorlds Cheats works?

With its user friendly interface our SmallWorlds cheats are very easy to use. When you download and run this simple yet very effective tool, SmallWorld gold hack will connects to game directly so make sure that so make sure you‘re logged in first. So first login into SmallWorlds then use SmallWorlds cheats.

After that we recommend that you check for updates first in order to ensure SmallWorlds gold hack proper functionality. Next thing you need to do is manually input desired amount of gold. Just do not put insane amounts like one hundred million or something like that. Lets make clear one thing, this is very powerful hack and he will add 1 billion gold in to your account but you will face instant ban. Do not add more than 100,000 gold per week and you will be fine.

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Little more about SmallWorlds

SmallWorlds is an online social networking world at that began in December 2008 and was created by the Outsmart 2005 Ltd Company in New Zealand. Unlike some virtual worlds, it can be run right inside the user’s computer Internet browser and can connect with other social networks and websites such as YouTube, Sound Cloud, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 and Flickr. Small Worlds won top honors in the 2009 Adobe Max Awards in the category of social computing.

Join the VIP Section for Extra Benefits by using our SmallWorlds cheats

If a player joins the VIP section of SmallWorlds, then they can earn even more smallworlds gold. They also get paid an income of two thousand smallworlds gold, as well as earning sixty citizen points, gaining access to additional options for clothing and avatars, ability to bring your virtual pet with you in the game, visiting the game’s dance studio, and buying Bobz.

There are several versions of the VIP game that you can buy into depending on what package you wish to obtain. You can find out more about the VIP packages at the SmallWorlds website at If you don’t want to be a VIP in the Small Worlds games, then you can just continue on playing the free version of the game at

Levels of Small Worlds Games

There are several levels in SmallWorlds that users can achieve. These include: arena, crafts, artist, explorer, gamer, farmer and socal. Also, within these different levels there are other individual levels of each particular stage. Players earn smallworlds gold by going on missions or by having some sort of interaction within the game itself. It comes with several types of widgets to use to help you to earn the smallworlds gold.

The Small Worlds missions involve taking their avatar and competing various tasks. These tasks could include all sorts of adventures such as training their virtual pet to acquiring items or even by getting involved with interacting with other websites like using the Flickr website to view or post a picture or by watching a particular YouTube video. This gets players involved in other sites that can integrate with Small Worlds games.

Recent Additions to SmallWorlds

In April of 2013, SmallWorlds was revised with a new and updated layout for its website and its fourms. Plus, they added a rewards program into the Small Worlds gamesite that is called Kudos. Now, all game bonuses are paid to the players in the form of these Kudos rewards. The SmallWorlds game has also instituted its own slogan: the game where you belong!

SmallWorlds seems to be mostly geared to teenagers, but many other age groups can join in the fun of this virtual world that can integrate with other websites and social networks. This provides a unique way for users to be involved with several websites at the same time while enjoying the usual avatar based activities like missions and games and levels.